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Larry Lieberman DDS

Patient Testimonials

"Friendly and courteous staff, caring assistants that are smiling and humorous along with a doctor that creates an environment where I felt comfortable, confident in the care I was receiving with the best treatment plan available."
Lauren E.

"It's difficult to find customer service oriented businesses these days that follow the professional guidelines that I expect. I definitely found it here."
Cynthia F.

"You all brought smiles and laughter back into my life. You've restored my faith in the dental Industry once again."
Linda H.

"My first dreaded root canal was such a great experience. Thank you for changing the way look at going to the dentist."
Becky J.

"Thank you for helping me to overcome my fears...you have been loving and kind."
Katie C.

"I consider myself so fortunate to have a dentist whose sense of compassion & concern for his patient matches his excellence in knowledge, skills and expertise."
Helaine S., The Implant Queen

"I could never express enough appreciation to you and your staff for my wonderful new smile!"
Mary J.

"I never in my wildest dreams thought that the day would come where I could look at myself in the mirror and actually like what I see. My only regret is that it took me so long to find all of you. Thank you not only for my new, beautiful smile but for the self-confidence."
Patty L.

"I recently had the in-office whitening done and just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is. I can't tell you how many people have come up to me and remarked on how different my smile and teeth look. Many thanks."
Glen L.

"You and your staff made me feel so safe and comfortable...thank you to all of you for giving me back my true personality- someone who loves to laugh and smile."
Diane S.

"I have never had such a beautiful smile before."
Robin H.

"My confidence and self-esteem has increased dramatically. I just love my smile."
Jacqui L.

"Couldn't ask for a better dentist and staff. You feel like family every time you go. Very attentive, gentle and caring."
Heather R.

"Dr. Lieberman was very understanding of my irrational fear of the procedures."
Victoria D.

"Outstanding service. I always feel welcomed and well taken care of. Thank you Dr. L and team."
Sondra C.

"I've been terrified most of my life of dentistry. I now have a beautiful smiles and a renewed faith in dentistry. Thanks - the fear is now gone. I even look forward to my visits!"
Jan P.

"My mouth feels great and looks so much better. I was pleasantly surprised by your kindness and professionalism."
Rebecca F.

"Dr. Lieberman's dental office experience is about as excellent as one could hope. Extraordinary , professionalism coupled with the latest technology as well as a top caliber staff. This is as good as it gets.

Great practice, great staff and a talented perfectionist as a dentist! Best dentist I've ever been to. Dr. Lieberman explains everything, listens empathetically and respects my input. I just can't say enough positive things about this dentist and dental practice!"
Sondra C.

Image of Drew Soicher "In 1998, Dr. Lieberman asked me if he could "fix my smile". Now, more than fifteen years later, many other people still ask me how my teeth got so perfect. I tell them "I don't drink coffee. I don't smoke. And I was lucky enough to cross paths with the best dentist of all-time when I briefly lived in Florida."
Drew Soicher
TV Sportscaster
Denver, Colorado

Image of Mary Aneson Mary Aneson will never forget the summer of 2005. Hurricane Katrina devastated and flooded New Orleans, Louisiana and its surrounding areas including Metairie, the home of Mary and her Husband of 30 years. Grabbing only precious family pictures and some personal belongings, she left her flooded home and moved 12 times until she finally landed here in Palm Harbor to be nearer to one of her 3 Daughters.

After settling into her new home, Mary looked at life differently and wanted to do something for herself. She had lived with small, worn and dark teeth, and never had the nerve to consider making a change in her smile.

Then her son-in-law, Glen Shane told her about Dr Lieberman. After meeting him and coming up with a plan to give her a more youthful smile, she felt very confident about her decision. After 2 short months, using porcelain crowns, Mary's smile was transformed!

As with Mary's smile, as we age so do our teeth. Our teeth surfaces get worn and as a result look smaller, the color gets darker and our teeth often shift leaving gaps or overcrowding. Fortunately there are many options available to give you a more youthful appearance. White tooth colored fillings, crowns, veneers, implants and whitening are just a few.

At the Fountain of youth it's never too late to get back that young looking smile. Just learn from Mary's optimistic attitude "You never know what can happen in life"!
Mary Aneson - From Katrina to the Fountain of Youth

Image of Mark Hanisee This was a big political year for everyone. For Mark Hanisee, a political consultant, fundraiser, strategist, and employee benefit consultant, it was even bigger and better. Mark is in the helping people business where his appearance and the confidence he portrays are very important. Today he is exuberant and positive and makes us laugh when he calls Dr. Lieberman a "rock star". Most of his life he had a poor smile with dark, worn teeth. While feeling great photographed in his pin striped suit he rarely smiled and showed his teeth.

Finally disgusted and ready to improve his teeth and health, Mark did his research and asked everyone he knew in his professional circles where he should go.

Dr. Lieberman's name came up enough for him to get the motivation to call and begin his journey. After meeting Mark and seeing how outgoing and personable he was we knew we had to do a great job getting him back his smile. At the initial visit we did a comprehensive exam. We took necessary x-rays, photographs, study models and discussed his wants and needs. With the use of beautiful, natural looking, lab processed porcelain crowns and veneers we were able to restore Mark's bite, health, smile, and confidence. Over the course of several months we helped Mark overcome his dental fear and anxiety and achieved what he came in for - a natural and confident smile.

Now when representing political leaders and businessmen he walks and talks with an air of pride. He is often amazed at the number of times he is complimented about his beautiful smile. Even most recently the owner of a large dental lab complimented his smile.

In these economic times it may not be possible for everyone to give themselves the smile makeover Mark did however; there is a lot that can be done easily and affordably. We can phase the length of treatment or offer alternative suggestions (i.e. teeth whitening, white composite fillings or removable crown and bridge). It is our goal to help every patient achieve his dream large or small.
Mark Hanisee

Image of Sylvia Sylvia beams with a radiant smile. Her smile goes deep and truly comes from within her soul. She feels her new smile allows those she helps to feel the love she has to share.

Sylvia grew up in a small, rural town in Connecticut where dental care often took a back seat to everyday needs. Raised by an older brother with no parents for guidance, her dental health went neglected. Sylvia remembers, "If a tooth hurt bad enough you just had it pulled". Married young and with 2 small children, she went into the health profession becoming a nurse.

A series of misfortunes followed her most of her adult life. Divorce, a near fatal car accident and serious illnesses all plagued her. While most people in her situation would have given up Sylvia realized she was destined to survive and help others.

Helping others became her new career working with Family Service Counseling and Crisis Intervention. After remarrying and moving to Florida, she studied and currently works with the Christian Healing Ministry. Reaching out to others with love and prayers is her mission.

She feels everything in her life has happened for a reason - even finding Dr Lieberman. Ready to tackle her dental problems, she asked her neighbor, Anna, where to go. She directed her to our office. She came with many problems and a goal - to smile so that all those she was trying to help would feel and see her love. After coming up with a comprehensive treatment plan including crowns, veneers, and a precision partial denture, Sylvia and Dr. Lieberman got to work.
Sylvia - A Survivor's Tale

Image of Lori Molinari Lori Molinari is one of those rare people who believes she was put on this earth to make people happy. Honestly. Maybe that's why a bright smile is so important to this Palm Harbor marketing representative and mother of two.

But as odd as this may seem, it took a broken foot and three months of convalescence before she made the life-changing decision to do something about her poorly maintained smile that she usually hid behind her hand.

Faced with the prospect of being laid up for three months while her foot healed, Lori vowed to lose weight and do something about her teeth, which had troubled her for most of her adult life. She used her time wisely, searching the Internet for information on cosmetic dentistry and advances in dental care that had been made since her last visit to a dentist more than 20 years earlier.

Then she stumbled on to www.dentist-lieberman.com. The website of Dr. Larry Lieberman, also in Palm Harbor. Being in marketing, Lori is always in the public eye. So, she knew that covering her smile was no way to win friends and influence people. With Dr. Lieberman' help and expertise, her smile was brought back to health with crowns and veneers on top, and bridges on the bottom...All of which have her smiling ear to ear.
Lori Molinari - Broken Foot Breeds a Smile

Image of Natalie Natalie Moore loves to laugh. Always has. But she also was very self-conscious about her very small, short teeth.

As a patient of Dr Larry Lieberman, Natalie knew he specialized in cosmetic dentistry, but waited about a year before making the decision to fulfill her life-long desire to have a beautiful smile.

In the end, Natalie chose veneers for her upper teeth through a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. Now, she feels like smiling all the time.

Natalie and her husband of 12 years, Terry, operate A Sound Decision,, Inc., a custom home-theater installation business in Tarpon Springs, Fla. Every day, she is very involved with customers, so a bright, attractive smile is very important.

"I'm much more confident now," she says. "How you feel about yourself makes a difference and I always wanted movie star teeth. Now I have more self-esteem and my beautiful smile helps me project myself better."

And for someone who was "really freaked out by going to a dentist," Natalie found the entire process - including minor laser surgery on her gums - to be pain-free.

"I love the staff and I highly recommend Dr. Lieberman," says Natalie, smiling broadly, of course. "He did a great job."

Dr. Lieberman says, "Natalie's beautiful smile was created by using minimally invasive porcelain veneers and state-of-the-art laser surgery. The results were incredible; she healed quickly and had no downtime."
Natalie - A Moore-Confident Smile

Image of Barbara Henderson Today's mom reminds me of the superhero Wonder Woman! Juggling kids and spouse schedules, home responsibilities and work, leaves little time for mom herself. So often I hear in my dental office "oh please take care of the kid's dental needs first". This attitude of caring for others first is very noble, but not fair for women who truly need dental care themselves. I encourage these super moms to care for both their children and their own needs. We as parents must lead by example and show our children that dental health is important and not to be feared.

Wanting to show appreciation and gratitude to her mom for always putting others first, Terra decided to give her mom a beautiful thank you gift - a smile makeover. Growing up in Virginia, Terra saw her mom Barbara, devoting all of her time into raising her and putting others needs before her own. When her mom moved to Florida and began having dental problems, Terra encouraged her to finally take care of herself. Terra wanted to use her knowledge as a former dental assistant and now a dental office manager and be involved in selecting a dentist for her mom. Barbara decided to take matters into her own hands and find a dentist on her own. Though the Yellow Pages and internet initially led Barbara to me. She knew she was at the right place when she drove up to the office and saw the "beautiful golden columns at the Fountain of Youth". As a child Barbara told me she was often sick and felt now healthy teeth were very important to her overall physical and mental health. To accomplish this, a team approach needed to be taken. Her daughter flew down to meet me and the staff and then we all agreed upon a plan to give Barbara a beautiful, healthy smile. Working with Barbara's schedule, which now involved caring for her elderly mom, the treatment took several months. Her full mouth reconstruction involved the placement of dental implants to replace the areas of missing teeth and crowns and bridges to restore the function and beauty that she had lost years before.

Today Barbara, a writer, is also working towards becoming a lifestyle coach - helping people to maintain their self-esteem while they are going through changes in their life. She certainly does live by example. Today she is vibrant and healthy. In her words, "it is so important to find joy in one's self, spirit, and the world". Thank you Terra for giving your mom such a wonderful gift!
Barbara Henderson - Thank you Mom for Taking Care of Me